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Service Update - JFs Untethered

We have launched a bundle of new JF Services/Features!

  • Staging service for pirate insurgencies: Flat fee of 250M ISK from Jita > Turnur for all your keelhauling needs!
  • Alliance JF Service: JF Service to structures of any corp or alliance with 75 or 250 members respectively.
  • PushX Mailbox Service: A PushX citadel in your system for deliveries
  • Double Wraps/Assembled Containers in JF Contracts: Now allowed
  • Discord Consultation Service: Have PushX reps directly in your corp or alliance's Discord server
  • JF Round Trip Discounts: Buy-one-get-one-25%-off for round trip.
  • See more details
+ How long until I get my package delivered?
We strive to deliver faster and cheaper than all our competitors. We aim to get your items where you need them to be within 24 hours for standard and 48 hours for JF, although this is not something we are able to guarantee as every day is a different set of dangers in Eve. All our pilots are trained to be ATK (at the keyboard) to minimize chances of getting ganked, but also to ensure they fly at the best speed possible. Average contract delivery times can be found on our PushX Twitter.
+ How long does Rush Service take?
We can only guarantee within 24 hours but times are typically much faster. We don't know what things will happen and things out of our control (camps, internet dies, power outage, server issues, etc.) PushX Twitter shows our historical times.

+ What happens if I put a wrong reward for a contract by accident?
In most cases the contract will be rejected, and you will receive an EVEmail explaining as to why. Please note we can not accept payment for a contract after it has been assigned. The reward must be correct on the contract when it is made. If a contract has an incorrect reward the contract will have to remade. You can use the Personal Assets window to remake a contract remotely from anywhere.

+ What happens if I put a wrong collateral amount by accident?
If the collateral amount is too low, there is a risk of theft regardless of how hard we try to hire only the best. We do ask you to triple check before submitting a contract. This being said, if it is noticed, we will cancel the contract and send you an EVEmail explaining why.

+ Why is my contract containing a container taking so long to get moved?
We advise not using a container unless absolutely required. All Pushers subcontract to alts for safety and anonymity, and a container prevents subcontracting. It will require special handling to move, which may take some time to set up. Containers are not allowed for all services. Please see your contract quote for eligibility.

+ I have a Jump Freight trip that ends in Highsec, how much do I add for the high sec part gate travel?
Nothing, the gate travel through high security space is included in our Jump Freight flat rate.

+ Can you rush a Jump Freight contract to Stain?
Jump Freight availability to deep nullsec varies a lot. We are generally able to complete any Jump Freight orders within about two days.

+ Can I get a discount on repeat trips to and from the same locations?
No. We have a lot of different people moving around your goods, so it would be unfair to offer them varying payments for the same amount of work.

+ Will a war declaration affect Push Industries?
We use out-of-corp haulers for safety and anonymity, so war-deccing us has very little effect on operations.

+ I need to send my mission ships to a new system. They are rigged so must stay assembled, anything I need to know?
Just that you should make sure to calculate the total volume based on the assembled volume rather than packed volume. They are much larger assembled! For example, a packaged Raven takes up only 50km3 and you can fit 18 of them in a maximum size shipment. An assembled Raven takes up 486km3, so you can only fit 1 in a maximum sized load!

+ Jita is burning again! (Or another large scale player event is taking place) Will my freight get shipped?
We will do our best to get your freight delivered. During Burn Jita, we were still operating, but at a slower pace than normal.

+ Can I tip? Donate? How?
Sure! To tip, just send the pilot who completed your contract some ISK directly. If you are experiencing fantastic service, and many people are helping you out, those tips make the pilots feel better about themselves and the work they do. To donate, send ISK to the Push Industries corporation with the reason, "Donation". This money will be used to reward pilots for their hard-work and pay for the fun internal events we do to keep our hard-working staff motivated. We thank you for your generosity!